Seller's Guide

Is it time to put your house on the market? Let us help you prepare your home and make the process as stress-free as possible. 
Selling a home is almost always an emotional experience. You’ve likely created many memories there with your family, and it can sometimes be challenging to say goodbye to well-loved properties. Perhaps it’s time to let go of a vacation home you no longer use or a plot of land that you never got around to fixing up. 

Regardless of your reasoning, selling is a significant life change, and it requires a lot of moving parts and financial stakes. You want to get the right buyer for your home, especially if it’s a property that you’ve utilized significant time and energy into molding into a luxury real estate investment over the years.

Sharon Soltanian, an industry innovator and luxury top producer, has almost two decades of experience working in the Toronto, North York, and Willowdale markets. Sharon understands the complexities of the selling process and its many challenges, including custom and pre-sell homes. She genuinely cares about her clients’ needs and does her due diligence to fulfill their real estate goals, consistently going beyond their expectations. 

A Marketing Maestro

Thanks to her interior design and sales background, Sharon has intimate knowledge of what the selling process entails. Marketing is integral and Sharon uses an innovative, out of the box approach. A robust and sophisticated marketing strategy is essential to selling your house quickly and for maximum profit.

To make that happen, Sharon offers a multitude of state-of-the-art services:

Personal room-by-room walkthroughs

  • Intensive consultations on home decluttering & staging assistance

  • Tailored advice to each room of your house

Customized staging with the team

  • Arrangements and polishing

Cutting-edge technology

  • Professional photography

  • Virtual 3D tours

  • Professional, modern videography

  • Aerial and interior views

Available 24/7, partnering with Sharon means you get unlimited access to a dedicated, intuitive team of experts who will work tirelessly until your listing sells at the desired price. Spearheading that team is Sharon, a Broker of Record and founder of the Soltanian Real Estate Inc, Brokerage. For more than 15 years, Sharon has proven herself an adept real estate manager and interior designer who has her finger on the market’s pulse. 

For Sharon, real estate is much more than a career. It’s her passion and something she looks forward to doing every single day. 

Enhancing the Space

Sharon is a keen proponent of feng shui and would be happy to spruce your house and ensure it’s manifesting positive energy. Have you ever visited a home that seemed perfect on the surface but then walked away feeling like there was something amiss you just couldn’t put your finger on? It might have been that the house did not have an optimized layout to address the feng shui adequately.

Every person that lives in a home leaves behind their presence or energy. It’s crucial to shift furniture and the layout to inhibit geopathic stress. Having an extensive interior design background, Sharon knows how to arrange rooms to highlight their best attributes, open up space, filter light, and harness the right kind of positive energy to captivate potential buyers.

Follow Your Instinct

With an increasingly fast-paced and crowded housing market, the right time to sell is always now. The pandemic has made many prospective buyers reevaluate their living conditions and current cities. People are searching for a reason to move to a new location.

As more and more professionals transition to work-from-home and remote positions, the allure of a comfortable, spacious home to make their own home office or settle their family in a lively new city is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. 

To discover how Sharon can stage and transform your home into a beautiful haven any buyer would be lucky to have, contact her today to set up a consultation.

Work With Sharon

Industry innovator Sharon Soltanian is the Broker of Record and the Founder of Soltanian Real Estate Inc, Brokerage. Her expertise in market trends, mortgages, real estate management, and interior design spans over 15 years and has made her Willowdale's No. 1 Broker since 2009.